Two years ago we set out to create a new type of storage system with no moving parts or connectors that would be shock-proof, vibration-proof, self-powered and fully self-contained – with an unattended useful life of 20+ years.

We envisioned an arbitrarily large – zettabyte plus – continuously accessible object store with a total cost of ownership that would be less than half of using conventional disks.



Rick Carlson

Dr. Carlson served nearly 20 years as Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Education, and Communications at the University of Southern California. Prior to founding Company, Dr. Carlson held executive positions at the Advanced Computing Systems Company, Maxtor Corp., TimeSpring Software, Nethra Imaging, TeleMnim, and Graphite Systems where he was also a founder.

Ramesh Singh

Mr. Singh is a veteran with over 35 years in the high-tech industry. Prior to founding Company, Mr Singh held executive and management roles at Imagination, NVIDIA, S3, Chips & Technologies and Rockwell. He was a Co-Founder and CEO of Nethra Imaging and has been a Director of the Peju Group since May 2015. Mr. Singh holds a MSEE in Signal Processing from Southern Methodist University and a BSEE from University of Kentucky.

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